Applied Materials CEO on the 'biggest inflection of our lifetimes'

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Semiconductor company Applied Materials CEO Gary Dickerson said society is in the early innings of a transformation that will yield $10 trillion of economic value. Subscribe to CNBC Pro to access the full episode of Mad Money:
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  1. Steve T
    Steve T
    6 napja

    Too bad the CEO of AMAT did not answer the question.

    8 napja

    Don't trust MSM and PODCASTERS. They are mostly about a daily diet of lies and hate.

  3. mrPmj00
    8 napja

    BUY NVIDIA for the chips. Best companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Nvidia, Microsoft, Netflix so these are the stocks you want to own. Also Wells Fargo, Disney for the recovery. Resistance is futile.

  4. Dandy Finance
    Dandy Finance
    8 napja

    They were on a run already, why they keep pushing.

  5. Burton Lee
    Burton Lee
    8 napja

    AMAT CEO is not impressive

  6. Forrest Olney
    Forrest Olney
    8 napja

    TSM is hot.

  7. First Last
    First Last
    8 napja

    Buy Amat on this pull back, you will make bank guaranteed

    1. Been there done that.
      Been there done that.

      What's the guarantee?

  8. vietimports
    8 napja

    what happened to all of the people saying there was a commodity super cycle coming? its almost like commodities shot up as a result of speculation and supply shocks and not demand

  9. optionsGreeener
    8 napja

    Amat Is tasty yummy calls