Covid is impacting Americans' mental health

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Dr. Sue Varma, NYU Langone, joins Shep Smith to discuss the fallout among people who've suffered from Covid. One in three Covid patients develop neurological or mental disorders, according to a recent study. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:
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  1. Chic Style and a Winning Smile
    Chic Style and a Winning Smile
    2 napja

    Great upload, thank you for sharing! See you around! 🎧🎵😎

  2. A.S. Minor
    A.S. Minor
    6 napja

    I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and spoken word performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my HUfrom channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. 💙❤

  3. LOLO Stanley
    LOLO Stanley
    6 napja

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  4. norm
    6 napja

    It’s not the pandemic causing this. Edit: the mental illness, not the neurological disorders.

  5. Pelican Nurse
    Pelican Nurse
    6 napja

    Not to mention many nurses will be depressed because of the way they were treated by society.

  6. Rico11b
    7 napja

    Oh boy.... here we go. Next they will tell us that people that have had Covid-19 will not be competent enough to make their own decisions, and that the Government should think for them.

    1. PipeCrafter420
      7 napja

      That’s exactly what it’s gonna come down to

  7. Sadistic Tomato
    Sadistic Tomato
    7 napja

    Here is some food for thought sir Why is the cycle threshold for the PCR test set to 40-45 in the testing labs when DR Fauci said "if you get a cycle threshold of 35 or more the chances of it being replication competent is minuscule". What do you think about this? if the cycle threshold is 33 the chance of the PCR test being accruate is only less than 20% but the labs everywhere test people at the cycle threshold of 40 to 45? strange huh how cases are going through the roof. By the way if you didnt know to count as a covid death you dont need to die of covid you just need to test positive for it. look up "kary mullis" he is the inventor of the test and he said never to use HIS test the way its being used right now. If you dont think for yourself and use critical thinking you give others the power to think for you.

  8. Christian Radio
    Christian Radio
    8 napja

    Please straighten up your pictures ,lady...tacky.

  9. Spartan
    8 napja

    MindMed/ Numi

  10. john satterlee
    john satterlee
    8 napja

  11. Conifir Ott
    Conifir Ott
    8 napja

    They should do a study on CNBC employees

  12. bobby loblaw
    bobby loblaw
    8 napja

    NO (Matrix style stopping bullets with my hand out) being clammed up in everyone's houses for over a year spending way too much time amongst people they probably don't really like, while losing their businesses and jobs and benefits and access to healthcare, as they're forced to wear masks all day which inhibit their breathing and general comfort, while being prohibited from public recreation and losing all sense of community engagement, as they desperately wait for POSITIVE news and safe vaccination deployment, all while consuming scary, sensationalized programs like YOURS are the actual reasons why people are "developing" mental disorders. AKA people are, like, really stressed out? corona is just a novel flu-like virus. YOU and FOX AND CNN and all of you BRAINWASHING MEDIA PATHOGENS is what's causing these alleged "conditions." i tell you what though - you dumb, pathetic media shills need to all man up and go get COVID and report back to us the "dementia" you "develop". you know - for science. ;.) otherwise - S T F U. I'm "sounding the alarms" on your overly dramatic, TOXIC, fearmongering BS. Stop it or I'm telling on you and then the teacher will make you stand in the corner and count to 10,000. P.S. Shep - please grow a pair and report ACTUAL news and tell us where the bodies are buried at Fox News. THAT would be ENDLESSLY entertaining.

  13. Joshua Jennings
    Joshua Jennings
    8 napja

    Sheppard was a straight person before he got Covid.

    1. bobby loblaw
      bobby loblaw
      8 napja


  14. Belle Jones
    Belle Jones
    8 napja

    FUN FACT: masks have made more people sick than “covid” in general

  15. Scott Raider
    Scott Raider
    8 napja

    How bout how a women affects your brain, how many serial killers were raised by single moms smh

  16. Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd
    8 napja

    Anyone with mental health disorders should be wiped out.

    1. Allison Schempf
      Allison Schempf
      8 napja

      I have autism and anxiety, and I agree with you.

  17. William Giuffre
    William Giuffre
    8 napja

    BLM riots and border crisis, job losses and fake media can induce same symptoms experts say

  18. William Giuffre
    William Giuffre
    8 napja

    How do they not even mention the lockdowns the fear mongering on the news and loss of livelihood is contributing to this. They are actually trying to sell that it’s the virus?

  19. William Giuffre
    William Giuffre
    8 napja

    I had Covid. The lockdowns are what are causing this not a fckn virus!

  20. soap1000
    8 napja

    Her picture not being level is giving me a mood disorder.

    1. TheodenHorseLord
      8 napja

      My God. I cant unsee it.

    2. The1JBanks
      8 napja

      For real go buy a damn level 😂😂😂

  21. 24james
    8 napja

    ENOUGH with the victim mentality. Get over it...and get on with it. Life’s hard, work hard & deal with it💯

    1. thebuccaneersden
      8 napja

      I agree. I too don't want 24james to have to hear about how other people are having a hard time. 24james doesn't need to hear it. It's just a bunch of babies complaining.

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    Johnson Joel
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      Gerry Joe
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  23. David Ellis
    David Ellis
    8 napja

    Trump clearly suffered these disorders after he had Covid.

  24. Vehement
    8 napja

    Propaganda is amazing. 99% survival rate.

    1. Don Dondon
      Don Dondon
      8 napja


    2. Vehement
      8 napja

      @TakanoriGomi It's amazing how you all have turned fear into a virtue.

    3. Bryan smith
      Bryan smith
      8 napja

      @TakanoriGomi lol yeah and not even that happened

    4. TakanoriGomi
      8 napja

      1% of 7B people is 70M people dead.

  25. Matt Joseph
    Matt Joseph
    8 napja

    You don’t say. Turn everyone’s existence upside down by destroying their livelihoods, peddling fear and giving them no hope for the future and this is the result.

  26. Underworld
    8 napja

    No the government is the ones causing mental health problems