Inflation will keep ticking higher: Market strategist

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CNBC's Melissa Lee talks about the possibility of an economic boom and inflation with Sameer Samana of Wells Fargo Investment Institute and Peter Boockvar of Bleakley Advisory Group. To see more of the interview with Samana and Boockvar sign up for a free trial to CNBC Pro:
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  1. Alex Keaton
    Alex Keaton
    4 napja

    There is going to be inflation? Really? With the uncontrolled government spending? Really? No sh#t!? I am sure corporations are going to love the crazy spending over the next few years and make record profits. Just as much as the ignorant, idiot working class who buy the propaganda will hate the next few years due to hyperinflation, limited wages, limited job growth and housing shortages. Corporate greed will crush the working class and do it gleefully!

  2. Jay M
    Jay M
    5 napja

    Wood is the new gold. Wait till TP prices goes up. That's when things will really hit the fan.

  3. eWorkNOW
    6 napja

    Don't know how I stopmed onto this. All in all Awesome clip 🥇😎. I also have been watching those rather similar from MStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these clips. MStar Tutorials also had amazing information about similiar money making things on his vids.

  4. Mike Markowski
    Mike Markowski
    7 napja

    Very hard to live in inflation

  5. Dutch Master
    Dutch Master
    8 napja

    Another day Another fear alarmist

  6. TheM0joDoj0
    8 napja

    I feel like people think Powell's definition of "temporary" means it will go up for a little bit then come back down. $4 milk becomes $6 milk for 6 months then back to $4 milk. What he really means by "temporary" is inflation will not continue to keep going up repeatedly. As in $4 milk becomes $6, then $8, then $10 milk. However, Inflation is expected to go up but then stay there. $4 milk goes to $6 milk then stays at $6 indefinitely. That is still a huge hit to the economy because Americans take the inflation hit every time they buy milk.

    1. Walter B.
      Walter B.
      7 napja

      Agreed 👌

  7. Dustin Montgomery
    Dustin Montgomery
    8 napja

    Of course there is going to be a BOOM. The Democrats are stealing $3TRILLION+ dollars from future generations to put into the economy. Yeah the Democrats are going to brag about record unemployment during the Biden Administration. Yeah the Biden administration is going to brag about the stock market reaching newer and newer highs. Just wait till all the money runs out. That shot of adrenaline into the economy...

  8. cogen651
    8 napja

    The FED are complete mor#@!, the inflation is going to smash the poor!

  9. Juan Morales
    Juan Morales
    8 napja

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      Phillip Wright
      8 napja

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      Malcolm Noble
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      Jason Cole
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      Dave Gilbert
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      David Tester
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  10. OneNewHope
    8 napja

    EDIT: All the comments on this are spam/scams. I'd like to think no one is dumb enough to fall for it, but let's do our part and report them.

    1. Cheeky Crypto
      Cheeky Crypto
      8 napja

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    2. A chain Of blocks
      A chain Of blocks
      8 napja

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    3. Avery D. Schlosser
      Avery D. Schlosser
      8 napja

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    4. Avery D. Schlosser
      Avery D. Schlosser
      8 napja

      That’s his what-ss-app info ⬇️ ‪

    5. Kenneth Lucas
      Kenneth Lucas
      8 napja

      How can I contact Mr Donald Huston??

  11. Gus Manue
    Gus Manue
    8 napja

    Peter Boockvar is the only decent analyst i hear on CNBC these days

    1. Dutch Master
      Dutch Master
      8 napja

      Josh Brown pretty good

  12. Natasha Samuel
    Natasha Samuel
    8 napja

    There is a high probability that there will be more inflation. Thank You, Natasha

  13. vietimports
    8 napja

    the best thing about america is that when prices increase, all it takes is for one company to lower prices to capture market share that all of their competitors will cut prices too. god bless america and how cheap we are

  14. Googlebanmetoomuch 2
    Googlebanmetoomuch 2
    8 napja

    Inflation is a myth!

  15. Gogalen789
    9 napja

    Instead of "face ripper month" a more fitting term would be "bell lap on the mile run with a stacked field."

  16. Un Known
    Un Known
    9 napja

    It is OK to be white.

    1. Richard L. Currier
      Richard L. Currier
      8 napja

      Literally has nothing to do with the video. What are you trying to accomplish BTW? What does that even mean LOL?! "It is OK to be white"? Yeah it's okay to be a horse too. SO WHAT MORON!?!