President's call for investments are the same as in China and other countries

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Wally Adeyemo, deputy Treasury secretary, discusses stimulus, infrastructure, job creation and the ongoing effort to vaccinate Americans. He also addresses the issue of a minimum global tax, which was suggested recently by Janet Yellen. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:
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  1. Alex
    8 napja

    Who is this kid?

    1. Paul Bunyan
      Paul Bunyan
      7 napja

      you'll know in 2030

  2. Dutch Master
    Dutch Master
    8 napja

    really glad to see Tyler the Creator has found him a good job after the rap game

  3. Diamond Hanz
    Diamond Hanz
    8 napja

    Yes. Great pick. I agree with you that united states steel $X is going to 50 before mid year.

  4. Grass is Greenner on this Side
    Grass is Greenner on this Side
    8 napja

    Sounds rehearsed and robotic, not natural

  5. Brittany
    8 napja

    Why is a 12 year old the DTS?

    1. Paul Bunyan
      Paul Bunyan
      7 napja

      One of Nigeria's brightest building his resume...see you in 2030

    8 napja

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  7. Mike Green
    Mike Green
    8 napja

    Bozo alert! Great you can read a teleprompter. . . democratic hack. . . what an insult!

  8. TQ BP
    TQ BP
    8 napja

    tiny body big head

  9. W Wu
    W Wu
    8 napja

    Am I the only one he looks like 13?

  10. Yeger Sr
    Yeger Sr
    8 napja

    that intro to a youtube set.... gonna need to kick a r d person in the chin... 90sec nothing....

  11. Very Angry Citizen
    Very Angry Citizen
    8 napja

    The Treasury Secretary is Webster?

  12. Phat Trinh
    Phat Trinh
    8 napja

    He look 18 yr old

  13. mark carney
    mark carney
    8 napja

    He is a College Democrats hack, and he is number 2 at Treasury????!!!😂

    1. Paul Bunyan
      Paul Bunyan
      7 napja

      He's building a resume...2030...boom...

  14. BlacKKrakken
    8 napja

    Did someone check the Deputy Treasury Secretary ID to see if he's old enough to hold that position, because he looks 16🤣

    8 napja

    Sounds like he’s advocating for a planned, government directed economy. Terrifying

  16. jcgreader
    8 napja

    More power for governments world wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. manaohar samtani
    manaohar samtani
    8 napja

    Americans have no well laid out plan. I think it is starting to look like a third world country, or a developing economy, here they debate debate debate. And very little gets done. China made 60 cities in the mean time. Takes 60 days to build a high rise tower in China.

    1. richie
      7 napja

      Don’t worry, planning does not work. It will fail. Let the invisible hand do its magic

  18. Drool Alot
    Drool Alot
    8 napja

    Fake news. If Nike Amazon etc effective tax rate is 0%,why wouldn't their effective tax rate continue to be 0% no matter what the rate is? I don't see any loopholes being removed.

  19. LG Capital
    LG Capital
    8 napja

    Spoken like a true central-planner

  20. Chris Norlund
    Chris Norlund
    8 napja

    Wally has to be using the zoom make me look younger filter. Big mistake. I thought it was a child talking. Just google his photos, he looks a lot different in real life.

  21. Cybr Friends
    Cybr Friends
    8 napja

    God Bless President Joe Biden, God Bless America and its Democracy! Finally leadership we can have hope and believe in!!

    1. George McGovern
      George McGovern
      8 napja

      Bot Alert 🚨