Jim Cramer: We're headed for a hybrid world

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"Mad Money" host Jim Cramer said that investors should get used to hearing about the hybrid economy.
CNBC’s Jim Cramer revealed on Wednesday a handful of stocks he thinks will do well in the emerging “hybrid world.”
The “Mad Money” host is betting many people will maintain some pandemic routines as Covid-19 health restrictions ease and more offices reopen in the coming months. Because of this, Cramer recommended investors gain exposure to the hybrid economy.
“We’re headed for a hybrid world where stay-at-home habits have staying power, but you also have the ability to go out and do things,” he said. “You have to stick with the stocks that win either way.”
Cramer pointed out the following stock picks as hybrid plays:
Home Depot
Stanley Black & Decker
All but two of Cramer’s picks have rallied double digits this year, outperforming the broader market. Williams-Sonoma is the biggest gainer in the group, up more than 75%. Walmart and McCormick are down 3% and nearly 7%, respectively, in 2021.
Cramer’s recommendations came after the S&P 500 eked out a record close on Wednesday.
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  1. Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Stock market is massively manipulated by people just like Cramer. Move your money to the crypto market if you want a FAIR chance of making money💰. Spread the word to bankrupt the illegally manipulated stock market thieves. Wallstreet already bankrupted America once, they'll do it again especially when they know YOU have to pick up the bill.

    6 napja

    We are headed for a world that looks like N. Korea.

  3. Scott Bales
    Scott Bales
    7 napja

    Folks, help me understand. We're rapidly replacing jobs with AI and technology in numerous business sectors. Numerous employers can't or choose not to provide pensions or 401K's for their employees. Who pays the cost of retraining people and are there even jobs available "long term" if we do? Let's replace "cognitive" jobs with machines and we'll leave those jobs that require "emotional" intelligence alone; we wont pay those people good salaries or provide pensions and 401K's in all cases but as companies maybe we'll "survive". What does "survival" look like? Money...money...money...it will be lonely at the top. I was told if you're going to present a problem you need to present a solution. Well, I'm listening because I'm dumbfounded and I'm concerned for my children. We're evolving? Why do I believe in Jesus....do you have anyone better? God Bless Us.....not addressing Jim Cramer's "hybrid world" but what's on my mind...

  4. Arrow B
    Arrow B
    7 napja

    Lock in PLL. Be there....PLL Remember it, PLL...PLL

  5. Arrow B
    Arrow B
    7 napja

    Well said "hybrid world"! Hahaha just spot one predicted the future car market in 2030 or 50 will change into electric car on yesterdayTV News. Total BS. HAHAHA IF that so, how come now we still need to use physical cash bills but not totally electronic monetary system in 2020 since that Michael Fox'es " Back to the Future". HAHAHA the same way, OIL still will be burnt to make more electricity to provide human need. So hybrid is TOTAL A GREAT WORD, Cramerica. Tesla still plays a fraction, not a whole vector in the future car market.

  6. da fe
    da fe
    8 napja

    100% remote work will be prefered by everyone. Starlink will make it posible for people to travel the country and still work everyday. All you need is a decent motor home, starlink connection and your in business. Emagine parking you're self seaside or in a national park even, after your done with you day's work you step outside to your vacation. Maybe you like to travel to different country for a couple of months.

    1. Conrad Burnwitches
      Conrad Burnwitches
      7 napja


  7. Some Guy
    Some Guy
    8 napja

    Of all the people with annoying voices, Cramer is king!!! Still holding those Bear Sterns Jim?

  8. Lili
    8 napja

    Watch.The separate of production can be between the of European Union countries,with USA,UK.And maybe with a country where warships,military aircraft, and tanks are not produced.

  9. NatterD D.
    NatterD D.
    8 napja

    Wait until Citadel Securities gets margin called. Cramers is corrupt and gross.

  10. JOSH L
    JOSH L
    8 napja

    Jim Cramers hedge fund buddies need to cover amc and GME shorts.

  11. mrPmj00
    8 napja

    For streaming stocks, BUY Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix. Best companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Nvidia, Microsoft, Netflix so these are the stocks you want to own. Also Wells Fargo, Disney for the recovery.

  12. Rusty Violette
    Rusty Violette
    8 napja


  13. Elber Castillo
    Elber Castillo
    8 napja

    Jim tell us why Wall Street keep on stalling the trades?

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    Bright Crypto
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  15. Kaizer Luong
    Kaizer Luong
    8 napja

    OIl demand ain't be gone anytime soon. Similar to how you say robots will completely replace human labor hence making everybody unemployed. Until you figure out humans can still have jobs for controlling the robots. The problem with renewable energy is it cannot be accumulated as fast as fossil fuels. The world's energy consumption only increases so there is no way in hell renewable energy will completely substitute fossil fuel. Even if you think renewable energy like solar will not run out but the materials for solar panels (silver) will be limited. While humans still trying to figure out the technology to advance the battery, we still rely on fossil fuels. For example, with the current battery technology, the US might not be able to supply the whole world's energy. But we can use green to supply enough energy for us while keeping our non-carbon incentive. At the same time, we are exploiting our fossil fuels (fracking, petroleum, oil, natural gas) to sell to other developing countries that demand massive energy consumption. As for now, there is no way to generate enough renewable energy to sell and make profits. Until the battery can completely take over, we are still in demand for fossil fuels.

  16. Vineeta Kumari
    Vineeta Kumari
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  17. Justin Wines
    Justin Wines
    8 napja

    Cramer...we are headed to a new world order

  18. Chris Cheung - Invest Responsibly
    Chris Cheung - Invest Responsibly
    8 napja

    Barbell approach it! Mix of value and growth.

  19. carlos Mendez
    carlos Mendez
    8 napja

    I think we'll go hybrid........very temporarily. People are going to start finding out the hard way that those that don't show up to the office as much as others will be the first ones to get cut.

  20. azgirl
    8 napja

    my company just sent an email saying we are gonna go hybrid. mostly because we hired so much that office space just isn’t there unless we build a new building

    1. Kaizer Luong
      Kaizer Luong
      8 napja

      @azgirl But if you buy it when the interest rate goes up, the mortgage is gonna be through the roof which means higher monthly payment. I recommend doing 1 purchase to exploit the maximum advantage. People buy more now because of the low interest rate.

    2. azgirl
      8 napja

      @Kaizer Luong you give me hope

    3. Kaizer Luong
      Kaizer Luong
      8 napja

      @azgirl They are being purchased by private banks and big institutions because they can direct exploit the 0% interest rate from Communist Fed J.Pow. Most houses belong to banks like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, or even big funds like Blackrock and Vanguard. They know that Fed driving the interest rate down will create a big surge of demand for housing. Not only that but supply for housing raw materials is in a big shortage (maybe Covid shut down people who cut trees). This bubble will have to be burst. The question is when. But if you are buying a house, just buy after it bursts lol

    4. azgirl
      8 napja

      @Kaizer Luong God I hope the bubble bursts. I’m never gonna be able to get a house at this rate.

    5. Kaizer Luong
      Kaizer Luong
      8 napja

      I think real estate, in general, is in the bubble now including commercial. So a high chance your company does not want to pay extra for real estate, they use a hybrid system. Online working had been there for a very long time but the reason people did not use them because of the inefficiency. Workers tend to lose focus and it is harder to keep track of workers online. I believe when the real estate bubble burst, we are going to see a huge deflation in real estate prices and companies will start to get back to office working again. My uncle had the ability to work from home forever but he said it was super distracted (this is self experience).

  21. cszafarczyk63
    8 napja

    Banana Pepper no cheese weirdo

  22. wagner jon
    wagner jon
    8 napja

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  23. Shane o'connor
    Shane o'connor
    8 napja

    I was thinking exactly that today. Some things have changed forever and will stick. But the world is itching for a lot of fun....buy Wynn and Disney and STZ!

  24. Mindfulceutical
    8 napja

    Banana peppers and no cheese?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    1. cszafarczyk63
      8 napja


  25. Goerge Frank
    Goerge Frank
    8 napja

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      white Boy
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    3. studiomasta
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    4. jess oui
      jess oui
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      Hello Rodrick, if you can see this, i want to say Thank you! I’m new to all of this and this is my largest trade, to-date! I’ve generally just made profits in the hundreds, and based on your sell plan I’ll make about $5700. So excited!

  26. Mark
    8 napja

    Buy Alphabet (GOOGL)

  27. Conifir Ott
    Conifir Ott
    8 napja

    Sounds like a whole lot of nothing

    1. jo jo
      jo jo
      8 napja

      yeah and think we can expect the same for a few months. At least it's not getting worse every day

  28. Chuong Doan
    Chuong Doan
    8 napja

    First, companies let some employees work from home, then realized they weren’t working half the time, so they let them stay home and stop paying.

    1. Chuong Doan
      Chuong Doan
      7 napja

      @chelsea7xhf Exactly! Corporate always trim the fat fast, but at universities like where I work, lots of people do nothing. Emails and bogus meetings talking nonsense isn’t real work. They should be let go, see if they can survive elsewhere with no skills. The only skills I see these people have is ass kissing, which was the only reason how they got their jobs.

    2. chelsea7xhf
      8 napja

      That’s a 2 way thinking, if an employee is really smart and hard working, they will always find a good job. The type of employee you mention will be hard to survive anywhere.

  29. Asd Asdf
    Asd Asdf
    8 napja

    jim cramer now : hybrid jim cramer yesterday : inflation fears jim cramer tomorrow: buy buy buy

  30. A. Brown
    A. Brown
    8 napja

    Big Facts!!!