Josh Brown: My instinct tells me the market has higher to go

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Ritholtz Wealth Management CEO Josh Brown weighs in on today's market activity at the close. With CNBC's Mike Santoli. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:
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  1. eWorkNOW
    4 napja

    Don't know how I bumped onto this. Anyway Awesome content ❤️. I also watched those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these vids. MStar Tutorials also had amazing info about similiar make money online things on his vids.

  2. PahJammer
    4 napja

    SO when a PE ratio has a comma in it then there is more room to run?

  3. J NS
    J NS
    5 napja

    i would love these shows to show the 100 year trend line then say we have much higher to go.....LOL .....100% success rate for huge crash when touching the line before last week 1929, are above the line !

  4. Living Alone
    Living Alone
    7 napja

    Buffet indicator says its overpriced

    1. Kanouno Investments
      Kanouno Investments
      5 napja

      I’ve been paying attention to that indicator for 2-3 years. It’s always said the market is overpriced

  5. Slim
    8 napja

    My cristal ball tells me to save some money instead to put it in the stock market !

    1. sniperfx20
      5 napja


  6. Lou Ag
    Lou Ag
    8 napja

    After he clowned buffet one week then praised him the week after I can’t take this guy seriously. I will stick with Tom Lee instead

  7. First Last
    First Last
    8 napja

    Wheels will be coming off soon.

  8. Ray Fan
    Ray Fan
    8 napja

    Emotionally I agree with Josh 😊

  9. John Graham
    John Graham
    8 napja

    If inflation is coming no point of keeping money...

  10. Northern Wealth Anarchy Perimeter
    Northern Wealth Anarchy Perimeter
    8 napja

    Shepard Smith is trying too hard to be easily lip-read

    1. sniperfx20
      5 napja

      He's creepy

  11. Philip Emanuele
    Philip Emanuele
    8 napja

    Sell everything boys.

  12. h wood
    h wood
    8 napja

    ndx got clubbed for 6 weeks. A lot of recovery went down over 10% and are now starting to move back up. April rally is just getting started. It's going to be a monster.

  13. jperello001
    8 napja

    My gut says buy, buy, buy. I wouldn’t let this guy manage my sons T-Ball team.

  14. Vavabody .president vava valery
    Vavabody .president vava valery
    8 napja

    Well.. I will be holding until I got my money back.. And of course I will be careful next time.. Tesla did me dirty

  15. God's SON
    God's SON
    8 napja

    God demands a catastrophic catalyst for killing his children using them Hollywood sexual predators all of them. Soon you wil see god’s judgment.

  16. FuKu Kailan
    FuKu Kailan
    8 napja

    The markets will go higher yet stocks wont go up with them.

  17. Chevy 4x4
    Chevy 4x4
    8 napja

    It will higher until it goes lower

  18. mjcruiser42 *
    mjcruiser42 *
    8 napja

    “ There is always something to worry about” Peter Lynch

  19. Memoriam Magnitudine
    Memoriam Magnitudine
    8 napja

    Take some off the table? even though there will be a "correction" in the short term? nothing to see here... move along :D

  20. Chris N
    Chris N
    8 napja

    There he is! Drawdown Brown!

  21. Tung Tran
    Tung Tran
    8 napja

    Everyone heard it! CNBC said market going higher. This translates to: Market going to crash next week. GTFO, like right NOW!!!

  22. Robbie McGhee
    Robbie McGhee
    8 napja

    Useless Josh.

  23. GSSVA
    8 napja

    CNBC says buy so i guess it's the top guys

    1. tunafish
      8 napja

      no silly! it means now is a great time to buy

  24. JOHNNY K
    8 napja

    Your "instincts" LOL

  25. Glenn Greenstein
    Glenn Greenstein
    8 napja

    Ya you got the predictions up your crass ass..

  26. Richard Davis
    Richard Davis
    8 napja

    I agree the market is gonna go up but its gonna be a back and forth. I think the markets end up 15% higher. Do watch out for 2022 market that's gonna be scary

    1. Charles Gideon
      Charles Gideon
      8 napja

      @Firestorm Gaming interest rate increases will slaughter the growths

    2. Firestorm Gaming
      Firestorm Gaming
      8 napja

      What are your concerns going into 2022?

  27. M. S.
    M. S.
    8 napja

    pump it pump it pump it

  28. Dag Çiçegi
    Dag Çiçegi
    8 napja

  29. mrPmj00
    8 napja

    - For streaming stocks, BUY Amazon Prime, Disney+, Netflix. Best companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Nvidia, Microsoft, Netflix so these are the stocks you want to own. Also Wells Fargo, Disney for the recovery. Resistance is futile.

  30. keto6789
    8 napja

    Bottom line .... NOBODY KNOWS NOTHING!! as Cramer says.

    1. L Lawliet
      L Lawliet
      8 napja

      @keto "NOBODY KNOWS NOTHING" = everybody knows something. Similarly, nobody needs no one = everybody needs someone. A double negative is necessarily a grammatical mistake, because it can be phrased in the positive.

  31. vietimports
    8 napja

    this is why i put all of my money on OTC sub $.01 penny stocks baby

  32. craig klinedinst
    craig klinedinst
    8 napja

    What's wrong with you almost? LOL!

  33. Harry Chu
    Harry Chu
    8 napja

    It will depend on Q1 earnings. For instance, if you believe Ford and GM will report 110% YoY growth like tesla just did, then yes the Value rally will continue. Buy and hold value stocks. Otherwise, sell value and buy the tech stocks that are still beaten down and are poised to report a beat. We already know tesla is reporting a record quarter. There will be others too.

    1. John Smith
      John Smith
      8 napja

      @Harry Chu You know there are companies in between value and Tesla?

    2. Harry Chu
      Harry Chu
      8 napja

      @Rizwan Zafar Sounds like you are the brave soul who wants to buy value stocks here. Let us know how that turns out.

    3. Rizwan Zafar
      Rizwan Zafar
      8 napja

      1) selling 184k car for 1T value company is shame. 2)it will be stupid to think that any company will show double digit growth from three years average forget 2020 for compariso.

    4. John Smith
      John Smith
      8 napja

      Despite 110% YoY growth, Tesla is grossly overvalued.

  34. Keeping it Real
    Keeping it Real
    8 napja

    Sell it all after earnings release.

  35. J Choi
    J Choi
    8 napja

    Don’t listen to Josh Brown. He’ll never tell you it’s not a good market. When the market was crashing last year, all he said everyday is it’s an opportunity to buy. He never said anything in the months leading up to the crash that there was anything to worry about or to be cautious. Typical shill who wants investors to keep their capital under his management so he can collect his commissions and others prop the market up so valuations are high and he can maintain his standard of living.

    1. Flurish Art
      Flurish Art
      8 napja

      @J Choi That's not what you said you're trying to change it now. We're all with Anonymous!

    2. Roberto Ortega
      Roberto Ortega
      8 napja

      Everyday was a buying opportunity! I agree with anonymous as well!

    3. J Choi
      J Choi
      8 napja

      @Flurish Art Did you ignore all the stuff I wrote after that which is to say he said it was a good market at all-time-highs for months leading up to the crash? My point is he always says it’s a good market, which is flat-out false. I literally said he’ll never tell you it’s not a good market as the first thing I wrote and I gave context of what he would say regardless of the market’s condition. As someone who directly benefits from people staying invested in the market, you need to do your own due diligence and not believe someone who’ll tell you to stay calm even when the house is on fire because he needs you to stay. He doesn’t care if you get burned.

    4. Flurish Art
      Flurish Art
      8 napja

      @J Choi That's not what you said. I agree with Anonymous that was the best time to buy, so he gave great advice. You said, "When the market was crashing last year, all he said everyday is it’s an opportunity to buy" like that's a bad thing, Anonymous pointed out that it wasn't bad at all, was the best advice he could have given.

    5. J Choi
      J Choi
      8 napja

      @Anonymous Did you miss the entire context of what I said? I said he always tells people it’s a good market. It’s not a good market to buy today just as it wasn’t in February last year. You must think we’re in a secular bull market lmao. Don’t trust anyone who will NEVER tell you to sell. Those are the same people who say markets only go up and as long as your time horizon is long enough you shouldn’t care if the market crashes. Yeah, sure, easy to say when the market is rallying and you directly benefit from others being invested. You probably also think all the money printing is inconsequential.

  36. Mark
    8 napja

    Buy Alphabet (GOOGL)

  37. Taindra Neupane
    Taindra Neupane
    8 napja

    Yes, This is a classic example of markets top or topping process before wall st pull the trigger leaving most of investors/traders fool in the short term! IMO! Be realistic and prudent here!

    1. Mauro Moya
      Mauro Moya
      8 napja

      "my instincts"

  38. Missa Bella
    Missa Bella
    8 napja

    seriously are you going to short with the circumstances of market? Hell yeah~

      8 napja

      We are still in the age of the dinosaur 'coz we run on gasoline.