T-Mobile CEO weighs in on 'Home Internet' and President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan

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Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO, discusses what President Biden's infrastructure plan could mean for wireless companies, as well as his company's stock performance and the launch of T-Mobile Home Internet. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: cnb.cx/2NGeIvi
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  1. Oliver White
    Oliver White

    I'll stick with my AT&T Fiber that's 10 times faster.

  2. Timman 36
    Timman 36
    2 napja

    T-Mobile needs coverage in rural before talking about competition

    1. Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez
      2 napja

      Starlink may make that harder now.

  3. Ray Oid
    Ray Oid
    4 napja

    Lol tmobile

  4. Remington Payton
    Remington Payton
    4 napja

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    1. marie-laure Bourdon
      marie-laure Bourdon
      4 napja

      Mr. Burwell's ability to create strategies that works in accordance with the market trend is something that comes easy to him and I am happy I am able to take advantage of that with his trade signals

    2. Garett Thomas
      Garett Thomas
      4 napja

      @Aubrie Shania how long have you been into Bitcoin trading?

    3. 1982mikeymc
      4 napja

      I cant forget the first words Burwell Coleman ever told me, is to “never hoard your coins if u ever want to make profit, but trading would always guarantee you making money and profit”.

    4. Jaheim Kyleigh
      Jaheim Kyleigh
      4 napja

      His technical analysis is dope and his interpretation/projections of the market is so accurate I sometimes ask myself if he is human haha. Point is, Burwell is the perfect trader to follow for advise and daily signals

    5. Chocoo1980
      4 napja

      i trust this real good, been using his signals for the past 5 months

  5. Sustained By His Love
    Sustained By His Love
    6 napja

    I was in on the trials for tmobile home internet. We live outside of any options except crappy satellite and this is amazing. Love it so thankful for it. Super fast

  6. Dev4stating x
    Dev4stating x
    7 napja

    Buy LUMN, they signed a deal with T-Mobile

  7. davinnicode
    8 napja

    "T-Mobile loves competition" says a representative of a company that was gifted the rights of the telecommunication infrastructure by the german government

  8. Jeremy James
    Jeremy James
    8 napja

    Shilling hard...

  9. Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez
    8 napja

    BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Porsche and now T Mobile wow great keep devaluating the US DOLLAR. Good for Germany bad for US. Sad to see US ignorants drive all this imported vehicles and me living in Germany don't see any American cars. Your government has you blindfolded.

    1. Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez
      2 napja

      Tesla is the most American car company so far, the company put a factory in Germany that will build 500k-2 million cars a year, this is the only American car company that has penetrated forign markets this quickly in a century, Elon musk is also competing for internet coverage with his forming fleet of 1200 satellites that will reach 42,000 when completed, all from US made rockets and satelites, Germany won't have the hold it use too with so many new markets.

    2. Mr R
      Mr R
      8 napja

      ...and with all the new highways & bridges they'll be able to drive all those B-mers, Mercs and Porsches at the speeds they were designed for. You see few if any American cars because they're American designed and manufactured junk, as most Americans now driving so may euro cars have found out. Hopefully all the infrastructure planned won't reflect the "heartbeat of America".

  10. Nate Shiz
    Nate Shiz
    8 napja

    He sure can stick to q script.

  11. Chris Dilligaf
    Chris Dilligaf
    8 napja

    My phone barley works at home I don't think your internet will be any better. I only pay 45 for spectrum and my phone works better off there WiFi. Not going to switch to your internet but I'm switching my phone soon

    1. Roger White
      Roger White
      7 napja

      The tMobile 5G spectrum does have a wider range than the lte, so If you have an old phone, you might not be seeing the full range.

  12. Jefferson Diaz
    Jefferson Diaz
    8 napja

    Yes we need it thank you T-Mobile I will leave optimum in a heartbeat

  13. J G
    J G
    8 napja

    My only option is a 1.5Mbps ADSL line that rarely every goes above 1Mbps and has tons of outages. And I pay almost $90 a month for that service. But thankfully Starlink is on the way, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    8 napja

    As I saw this interview live on CNBC, i ordered Tmobile home broadband. Now let's see if its "the real deal" as the CEO said in the interview. I'll post an update for sure.

    1. GameFlash
      7 napja


  15. Kevin Reed
    Kevin Reed
    8 napja

    CNBC is the garbage fire of fake news.

  16. TRIMARTheaters
    8 napja

    AT&T gave T-Mobile Billions of dollars and spectrum. Saved by the bell.

  17. Charles Nguyen
    Charles Nguyen
    8 napja

    Cant wait to get rid of Spectrum after T-Mobile 5G 300MB+

  18. Michelle Ruiz
    Michelle Ruiz
    8 napja

    No its n or BUTTS we can do this if PPL would AGREE its a WIN WIN situation

  19. Michelle Ruiz
    Michelle Ruiz
    8 napja

    Thank u so much YES we NEED infrastructure

  20. Bo Jo
    Bo Jo
    8 napja

    Consumer Cellular Unlimited phone and text for less than $30 a month

  21. Bo Jo
    Bo Jo
    8 napja

    Democrats are destroying this country

  22. not me
    not me
    8 napja

    Well then they better fess up tacony my phone and every other piece of technology that I have

  23. Ken Havens
    Ken Havens
    8 napja

    60 isn't that much lower than what I"m paying now tbh. 45 or 50 would be better.

    1. Ted Hawk
      Ted Hawk
      8 napja

      Before switching to T-Mobile, we were paying $60 for service that was 10x slower. So, yeah, we appreciate our T-Mobile home internet. After seeing what a great option it is, we also switched our mobile phones to T-Mobile.

    2. YFS
      8 napja

      Yeah about to cancel spectrum and have a family member sign up to get half off for 2 years with new customer promotion. don't let your ISP overcharge you for bad service, pay the bare minimum!

    3. Nelson Nguyen
      Nelson Nguyen
      8 napja

      The option is intended for rural areas. I bet Majority won’t switch

  24. PigsandCats87
    8 napja

    Don’t see how this is possible or the reality I don’t get 100 mpbs in a major city on 5G using T-Mobile.

    1. PigsandCats87
      8 napja

      I’ll wait for starlink IPO

  25. der Jakob
    der Jakob
    8 napja

    T mobile would have been out of business if they didnt steal ATTs bandwidth

    1. Erik Victory
      Erik Victory
      8 napja

      Steal away.

    2. J G
      J G
      8 napja

      @der Jakob You are the one making claims you can't back up and getting emotional when asked to. It really sucks that I hurt your feelings.

    3. der Jakob
      der Jakob
      8 napja

      @J G wow, you're a crazy person... bye

    4. J G
      J G
      8 napja

      @der Jakob So you don't have any source because you are making it up. How was Bigfoot involved? Was it the Reptilians idea? Did they use the Jewish space lasers to steal the bandwidth?

    5. der Jakob
      der Jakob
      8 napja

      @J G just google it... I lived through it

  26. Ricardo
    8 napja

    T-Mobile and Nokia are partners in 5G technology, and Nokia is just about $4