Tobias Levkovich is feeling 1999 vibes about this market

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Tobias Levkovich, Citi chief U.S. equity strategist, joins 'Closing Bell' to discuss the markets and raise a red flag on stocks, saying he's getting a 1999 vibe from the markets and that it could be a major risk to investors. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:
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  1. TheAlex613
    5 napja

    Missed the part where he said a crash is coming or the part where he said he has 1999 vibes

  2. eWorkNOW
    5 napja

    Don't know how I stopmed onto this. All in all Awesome video 🥇. I also have been watching those similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these vids. MStar Tutorials also had cool information about similiar money making things on his channel.

  3. user scnamesux
    user scnamesux
    8 napja

    S&P 500 Index is up 8.9% YTD & the economy should still be improving even after May when most people in US could be already vaccinated. Why wouldn't the market go higher, where else are you going to invested except for silver, gold & BTC.

  4. 356 Pounds TO FIT
    356 Pounds TO FIT
    8 napja

    All that being said, he totally missed the 2008 into 2009 crash..these guys are like weathermen, still employed no matter what happens.

  5. Bright Crypto
    Bright Crypto
    8 napja

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  6. Nate
    8 napja

    This guy is spot on

  7. Cybr Friends
    Cybr Friends
    8 napja

    God Bless President Joe Biden, God Bless America and its Democracy!! Finally leadership we can have hope and believe in!!

  8. jazzbeau507
    8 napja

    at 4:52, go ahead and click off so you don't have to watch the Shepherd Smith part.

      8 napja


  9. tdot
    8 napja

    How to get on TV : 1. Predict a crash is coming 2. Don't say when (cause OBVIOUSLY you dont know) 3. When the market crashes even if its months or year tell the world "I TOLD YOU SO" 4. Repeat steps 1-3

    1. tdot
      8 napja

      @Eric Dorsey your holdings crashed but not the market itself.

    2. Eric Dorsey
      Eric Dorsey
      8 napja

      three of my biggest holdings already crashed 40-50%. Did I miss something?

  10. Maxim Tsai
    Maxim Tsai
    8 napja

    His comments are basically "buy what's been doing well these last few weeks and avoid what's dipped and gotten cheap."

  11. Musk Arg
    Musk Arg
    8 napja

    banana republic welcome to the 3rd world !!!

  12. Matthew Keber
    Matthew Keber
    8 napja

    No one cares what he thinks.

  13. 1upization
    8 napja

    Chill Boomer

  14. Carol Smith
    Carol Smith
    8 napja

    These people think they're so smart, but they didn't predict the last crash.

    1. Ashraf Wadiwala
      Ashraf Wadiwala
      8 napja

      @Imran Arshad I am not kidding, it all depend on how long Fed can control 10y yield going to 2% from here. It is not easy to control it going up for a long period of time like months and a year.

    2. Imran Arshad
      Imran Arshad
      8 napja

      @Ashraf Wadiwala or next month, or next year, or next decade....

    3. Ashraf Wadiwala
      Ashraf Wadiwala
      8 napja

      He just advised to move money from Small Caps, it is a big indicator towards a big market correction. It is coming with a sudden spike in 10 y treasury yields tomorrow or day after or next week.

    4. Ashraf Wadiwala
      Ashraf Wadiwala
      8 napja

      They did not want to loose their lucrative jobs in their mega corporation.

    5. Richard L. Currier
      Richard L. Currier
      8 napja

      @Jordan Selbach You dont need people to call out a crash for you. When market breadth becomes negative a correction/crash happens. Just watch McClellan oscillator 9/20 EMA crossovers, or Bullish Percent Index of NYSE going under its 10 DMA, or watch VVIX %B go above 0.90.