Today's testimony in Derek Chauvin trial was offensive and irrelevant: Civil rights attorney

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  1. Janet Spinler
    Janet Spinler
    21 órája

    What do you think of the George Floyd trial

  2. EngleHump

    Video + Handcuffs + Cop on neck + 9 minutes = Guilty. Who needs lawyers ?

  3. Carolyn Williamson
    Carolyn Williamson
    2 napja

    This cop did wrong!!! He should be prosecuted to the fullest. He definitely took the law in his hands. He should be charged with murder not second degree. He needs to stay in prison for the rest of his life or death penalty. The other three cops need to go to prison too for a very long time!!

  4. Will See
    Will See
    2 napja

    David are you a racist man???

  5. Vlad Impaler
    Vlad Impaler
    2 napja

    Yes. Trying to put on a defense is offensive. I mean drugs could not be related in any way to his death?????

  6. PhoneWalletKeys
    3 napja

    So only conservative jurors listen to facts? I don’t get this race baiting, hateful garbage.

  7. Chihuahua Man
    Chihuahua Man
    3 napja

    Headlines: Chavin acquitted, riots have begun.

  8. Greg Hll
    Greg Hll
    4 napja

    Yeh I have to agree with him. It's really offensive the way they give this Chauvin guy a fair trial and examine all sides of the case before taking away his freedom.

  9. Tom Burns
    Tom Burns
    4 napja

    He's seen the case for what it is, and is now preparing for the inevitable acquittal by saying that it will come because the jury are racist and don't like drugs!

  10. I Eat ApplePie with Chopsticks
    I Eat ApplePie with Chopsticks
    4 napja

    A camera from a different angle show'd his knee was on Floyd's shoulder not on his neck...activists looking more stupid by the day

  11. SKNM WMS
    5 napja


  12. Flipping Rad
    Flipping Rad
    5 napja

    Evidence and context matters.

  13. Leahcim Eugonim
    Leahcim Eugonim
    5 napja

    The method in play here is FAILURE fellas, this persecution is all but over, it just hasn’t set Chauvin free and started the fires yet.

  14. Stephen Dodds
    Stephen Dodds
    5 napja

    Already setting up the narrative that if he is found not guilty, that it is a racism issue. Not on the merits of the case. In hearing other lawyers who are actually defense lawyers, they see the prosecution in big trouble!

  15. Russell S. Soehner II
    Russell S. Soehner II
    5 napja

    Let’s fly the flag at half staff in preparation for the Harris-Biden BLM riots, part two.

    1. Lonely Wanderer
      Lonely Wanderer
      5 napja

      haha in ur dreams pal

  16. Ericka Ricaldez
    Ericka Ricaldez
    5 napja

    Maybe not many laywers want to be the public face of the defense. Chauvin has all the resources, he could have many laywers on stand if he wanted.

  17. Brenda Scarborough
    Brenda Scarborough
    6 napja

    Does the public know that fentanyl shuts down breathing? It is a deadly drug. People drop dead from it's use.

  18. TallCoolDrink
    6 napja

    So, already the jurors are being labeled as racist.

  19. ConcreteComa
    6 napja

    "Conservatives dont like drug use" Is that bashing Conservatives LOL

  20. Mundihno Mundihno
    Mundihno Mundihno
    6 napja

    What it really disgusts me, is Patrisse Cullors, one of the founders of BLM, she moved to Malibu, where only 2% of the population is black, thank to the donations of ignorant people.

  21. John Doe
    John Doe
    6 napja

    Ok, odds on which store burns first plus will it have big screens and skittles?

  22. Delores Boudreaux
    Delores Boudreaux
    6 napja

    What about the O J trial, the more the better.

  23. Scott Thomson
    Scott Thomson
    6 napja

    Wow he basically said you have to be racist or conservative to have doubts of what really happened this guy is biased af and wouldn't admit if there was a chance chauvin is innocent

  24. Shawn Root
    Shawn Root
    6 napja

    What disgusting assumptions about people. This whole dog whistle thing needs to get dropped. It's just a way to say if you don't agree with me you're a racist.

  25. Jordan Rayford
    Jordan Rayford
    6 napja

    Ughhh can we stop giving these “attorneys” a platform?? What part of this trial is racist?? This attorney is irrelevant.

  26. dan fet
    dan fet
    6 napja


  27. Pepe Epstein
    Pepe Epstein
    6 napja

    The drug dealer that gave George Floyd the homemade heroin should be on trial , not officer Chauvin.

  28. joseph pattison
    joseph pattison
    6 napja

    A drug overdose is relevant because it could have caused Floyd’s death.

  29. m b
    m b
    6 napja

    I think drug use is relevant if he died of an overdose, but he didn’t. Multiple doctors have already said that he died of asphyxia. Plus it’s pretty obvious what would happen if a grown man put his full weight on your neck for 8 and a half minutes. He basically strangled him with his legs. Imagine if he had his hands wrapped around his neck for 8 and a half minutes instead. Wouldn’t it be clear that he strangled him to death? Try having someone stand on your neck for that long and see what happens.

  30. David Stancomb
    David Stancomb
    6 napja

    He had heart disease. Fact. His heart was enlarged due to medical issues and therefore needed a greater supply of blood. Fact. His coronary arteries were narrowed limiting the amount of blood that could be supplied to his heart. Fact. He was on a cocktail of narcotics in his system that also placed his heart under further strain by restricting the amount of oxygen his blood could carry - over three times that of people who had died due to them same narcotics in historical basis. Fact. The coroner who carried out the autopsy said there was no indication that his airway was restricted by his restraint. Fact. I know this doesn't fit the CNBC narrative but CNBC's dismissive approach to the bits of evidence they don't like in favour of the bits that support their narrative is quite honestly offensive and irrelevant.....

  31. Gordon Quickstad
    Gordon Quickstad
    7 napja

    This is why "news" is not trusted anymore. I can get this stuff at the magazine rack at the grocery checkout lane.

  32. Team Blanco
    Team Blanco
    7 napja

    Plot twist he is not guilty, feelings don’t matter, facts do

  33. Latifah Gordeeva
    Latifah Gordeeva
    7 napja

    If people deserve a trial for even the most reprehensible crimes murder, child molest , abuse, slow torture-Why wouldn't Chauvin??? Why would his defense be irrelevant? That's what the trial is for. People will discover the relevance it lack of in the trial. I would also trust that people in this day and age are more sophisticated than to disregard the value of a person's life based on drug use. It's not like it was in my Grandfather's time when people would say- oh he's just a no good junkie.

  34. Vespasian Flavius
    Vespasian Flavius
    7 napja

    Talk about privilege......

  35. Helen Kunze
    Helen Kunze
    7 napja

    Conservatives don't like drug use? That's not the point. The point is did they have a role in his death or the police action? If you have never been around someone high on these serous drugs, you would want this to be ruled out or not.

  36. Matthew Loutner
    Matthew Loutner
    7 napja

    Wait a minute!! He just said conservatives do not like drug use?? Then liberals do like drug use??? 💉 💊

  37. Mary Reed
    Mary Reed
    7 napja

    He killed the man the end

  38. Stortford Rider
    Stortford Rider
    7 napja

    So this person thinks that information about Floyd’s consumption of potentially lethal doses of drugs, should be withheld, when the trail is about the fact that Floyd died. Why do people like him even get airtime?

  39. Crystal Lapensee
    Crystal Lapensee
    7 napja

    This is not a political issue!

  40. Johnny Richardson
    Johnny Richardson
    7 napja

    I'm so tired of hearing there is no Mark's on his neck so that means he wasn't using any pressure and please I'm not using the race card on this he's white I'm black and he said put your knee on my neck for 9 minutes and see if it would leave a mark so after 4 minutes i help him up now this is a white guy remember and he had bruised and red marks on his neck so please ask one of the doctors on this case that question if george was white would it leave a mark ‼️

  41. brian connor
    brian connor
    7 napja

    Look it is facts, FACTS that matter and nothing else. This is what is called democracy. Not anything to do with anything else. It is a man's future that is at stake. Let's use some common sense and no brainwashing.

  42. Margit Serna
    Margit Serna
    7 napja

    Floyd had overdozed so how is a Policeman supposed to know when he gets send to arrest him foe passing of fake money

  43. DailyDoseOfGood
    7 napja

    Of course the prosecutor doesn’t want the defense asking any questions that might reveal things that weaken their case. But THATS THE JOB. To reveal facts to get to THE TRUTH!

  44. Beastbombshell
    7 napja

    In a DUI case is the level of drinking not brought up 🤷‍♀️yes it is .. it absolutely matters how much drugs he was using . How about critiquing the fact that the prosecution is using feelings in general to sway the jury not facts

  45. Bambino SportsCards & Collectibles
    Bambino SportsCards & Collectibles
    7 napja

    Free Derek Chauvin Now !!!

  46. K S
    K S
    7 napja

    Someone did something to somebody.

  47. Briandoes4
    7 napja

    But the mainstream media doing is disgraceful the man is going to be acquitted after it makes it look like he is going to be convicted because of the mainstream media narrative and it's going to cause massive riots and numerous deaths which make them money

  48. Briandoes4
    7 napja

    Dude shut the hell up towards Floyd was a f****** junkie that shouldn't have been fighting the police he would still be alive. And if you really want to get real, all the dumb asses in the crowd made it 10 times harder for the police and the paramedics to do their jobs and they caused him to die. And now officer Chauvin is a scapegoat for doing what he was trained to do State trained State prosecuted little weird huh

  49. jackson k. fozzbodie
    jackson k. fozzbodie
    7 napja

    Of course the race pimps do not like the truth. They make no money out of the truth.

  50. Iris Hewlett
    Iris Hewlett
    7 napja

    The experts by their own testimony are not forensic mortem pathologist The autopsy reports will oppose such expertise will challenge their opinions.

  51. Steve Zentner
    Steve Zentner
    7 napja

    Did this guy say if your conservative and don't like drug use? Is that saying if your not conservative drug use is acceptable? I have no further questions your honor!

  52. Ra's Al Ghul
    Ra's Al Ghul
    7 napja

    They should compel Floyd's drug dealer to testify. He was there when the police came to take Floyd out of the vehicle

  53. Andrew Rouse
    Andrew Rouse
    7 napja

    Offensive!? It’s related to the fact he had 3 times the lethal levels of Fentanyl in his system, not an attempt to vilify him for being a drug user 🤣 As fake as news gets...

  54. Rhodri Taylor
    Rhodri Taylor
    7 napja

    So facts are offensive if they don't fit in with your narrative you mean? This trial is a show trial, if Chauvin is found guilty after what iv seen the last 10 days then he's being used as a scapegoat. The prosecution are about as useful as a chocolate teapot and if you think the states case is strong then I'd say your either watching a totally different trial or your completely deluded.

  55. Richard Matej
    Richard Matej
    7 napja

    The professional witness answer questions "Polite, to the point, concise" BUT that is where the defence got ground ... BUT??? So you basically said: "Well, it is too bad the witness answers to the point and factually because now the defence has a ground to have their case" :D .. are you mad? This is like political trials with already written conclusion :D wow ... I would find 5 guys on a lunch break in front of faculty of law who would answer better than this guy -_-

  56. No Lives Matter
    No Lives Matter
    7 napja

    Look at the likes vs dislikes. It looks likes every White House post

  57. carkeyss
    7 napja

    Oh look, someone expressing their opinion in trying to manipulate the people.

  58. Carolan Carey
    Carolan Carey
    7 napja

    no ashats it's called personal responsibility. What the hell, Floyd martyrdom burnt down half the country, Floyd held a pregnant woman up and stormed her house. You guys are absolutely ridiculous Fentanyl was so substantial since he sucked it up in the presence of the cops for the second time in his life it killed him. unbelievable

  59. voltarol
    7 napja

    CNBC are deleting comments that expose their hateful, anti-white bias.

  60. Tim McGrath
    Tim McGrath
    7 napja

    They should name this case “Facts vs Feelings”

  61. Nah Bro
    Nah Bro
    7 napja

    The cause of his death with physical evidence isnt relevant? Get that garbage outta here

  62. Franky Flowers
    Franky Flowers
    7 napja

    thats crazy talk

  63. Stefan Nagy
    Stefan Nagy
    7 napja

    eating 3 times the lethal dose of fentanyl to hide drugs before the cops bust you is........irrelevant according to mainstream news. Absolute clowns. Zero credibility in the MSM

  64. Drew G
    Drew G
    7 napja

    You guys are doing a terrible job. You're misleading people. The case is NOT going well for the prosecution

  65. 6346 green
    6346 green
    7 napja

    Seems like in this trial their blaming George Floyd 🤔 for being on drugs and saying he deserved to die by a vicious racist crooket cop who stopped his breathing that caused his death. Fact is he did not o.d. on drugs he was strangled to death which caused him to go in cardiacorist and stop breathing. David Chauvin murdered him in front of the entire world.

  66. Douglas young
    Douglas young
    7 napja

    Is this guy a BLM member ???

  67. Dave H
    Dave H
    7 napja

    The defense was able to gain ground with him? Just a lot of honest testimony, and the jury should see everything - especially Floyd’s 2019 arrest where he acted the same way and put the drugs in his mouth. The State’s case has sucked.

  68. TangieTown81
    7 napja

    @Sasquatch: "Congrats. Not only to you know how to write drivel, you can copy and paste it too. My favorite line: "Racists and white supremacists have never had a home in the Republican Party". Tell me, how does this parse just about every Trump supporter out there, waving their confederate flag. Racism isn't a partisan phenomenon, numbnuts. It's both parties. And, the southern strategy has nothing to do with what you just described and everything to do with luring rural and lower class white people into the GOP by convincing them that black people are criminals. That was NIxons strategy and well as Reagans, as well as Bill Clintons." Racism is absolutely a Party phenomenon. The Democrat Party views EVERYTHING through the lense of race. The Democrat Party has organized violent, militant, subversive protests in favor of a race-based ideology since it's inception. Slavery and racism serve as the foundations of the Democrat Party; without the ability to generate racial animus and stoking racial division the Democrat Party would be unable to advocate for anything. "Tell me, how does this parse just about every Trump supporter out there, waving their confederate flag?" You see, you need every Trump supporter (70+ million people) to be Confederate flag waiving, racist, kkk, white supremacists because if they're fellow Americans with a different solution than the prescribed Democrat narrative then why would you ascribe the worst possible motives to people you do not know? Nixon's Southern Strategy was to go after the Sunbelt where there were younger less racist people and leave the racist vote of the deep South to the democrats. Nixon developed this strategy watching Barry Goldwater take a shalacking against Johnson because his opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act was on principle that government could not "legislate morality" and that doing so would provide no additional protection at the expense of individual liberty. Yet the Democrats were effective in labeling him a racist and have used it as a club against Republicans from that moment forward. So no, Republicans have never had a home for racists in the Party and never will. If you want a Party that is non-stop race-hussling and race baiting 24/7 then that would be the Left. The worst part of all of this is what the media and liberals are doing with this narrative. Instead of an unfortunate foreseeable death the city should be held responsible for the message being conveyed is that if you are a young black man in America the only way to guarantee your family will be taken care of is to have yourself killed at the hands of a white police officer because outside of that the system is racist and stacked against you. It is the most depressing message to leave a group of people already ravaged by a political class who uses them to keep a fake protest counter culture alive that should have died out in the 70's and 80's. If it were not for the causes of anti-racism and white supremacy the Democrat Party would have no rallying point. They need and require the disenfranchisement of the black community in order to justify their anti-racist rhetoric. Imagine (I know John Lenon was good at this) if the Democrat Party becomes so desperate for racist white supremacists that they begin to invent instances of racial violence victimizing blacks at the hands of whites while completely ignoring other instances of black on Asian violence or black on Jewish violence. When you convince an entire racial group within a population that they are victims hated by the successful unable to get ahead in a country stacked against them and then you refuse to prosecute people who go out and hit an older Asian man in the face so hard he dies on the basis of "restorative justice" have relegated the fight for civil rights to an irrelevant footnote in history because you have just instituted an ideology that is the most anti-black racist policy to ever be implemented because its effectiveness in perpetuating a disparaged underclass of a specific race has been locked in for generations to come. Did you know at the turn of the 20th Century in the early 1900's that the average IQ for black Americans was higher than the average IQ for Jewish Americans? Do you know why? I'm interested to know what you think......and if you've read Thomas Sowell don't give it will be interesting to see what people think and why.....

  69. Black Rocket
    Black Rocket
    7 napja

    They are ganging up on the defence

  70. Chip S
    Chip S
    7 napja

    It's a shame that these two are given any air time. Both should be thrown in jail for a long period of time.

    1. Janet Spinler
      Janet Spinler
      21 órája

      What two?

  71. Random Human
    Random Human
    7 napja

    the truth is offensive ? let that city burn as the democrats' do thing to stop it as usual.

  72. FBI Glownigger Faggœť
    FBI Glownigger Faggœť
    7 napja

    Sheeeiiit!!!!! Evidence be raycis an sheeeeeiiit!!!!

  73. Neil M Flinch
    Neil M Flinch
    7 napja

    Not going there way so they are crying about it lol

  74. T. Baggins415
    T. Baggins415
    7 napja

    1 man protected and served his city for over a decade. The other (a junkie) beat, robbed & held a pregnant woman at gun point. Freedom for Chauvin 100%

  75. Andrew Sokolowski
    Andrew Sokolowski
    7 napja

    "Everybody's a racist and my feefees are hurt."

  76. Carole Carpenter
    Carole Carpenter
    7 napja

    Derek Chauvin is a registered Republican. This does not surprise me at all.

  77. Marek Kiejko
    Marek Kiejko
    7 napja

    So it is racist to be conservative and/or against drug use? What a clown.

  78. P D
    P D
    7 napja

    Chauvin may get convicted on manslaughter.....maybe. Get ready for the riots

  79. MegaMech
    7 napja

    The person being interviewed got this so wrong. It doesn't matter who has the stronger case. What matters is whether or not Chauvin committed murder beyond a reasonable doubt. Of course the defense is going to discuss drugs. If the jury is convinced at all that Floyd may have died from the drugs and there's no proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Chauvin was responsible than he'll go free. In-fact the interviewee is just completely wrong that the prosecution has a stronger case. Both sides hold a strong case making it impossible to decide who will win. Put yourself in the shoes of the jury if you're watching all of this. At any point were you like "wow, the defense has a really good point here" and then the prosecution steps up and you're like "Wow, the prosecution has a good point too." If so, there's no way to know until you hear this out to the end considering all the evidence and then asking yourself "Was this really a malicious act by the officer? A mistake by the officer? Or an officer who was caring for Floyd but it looked like he was being abusive?" This last one being unlikely given the police Chief's testimony, perhaps still plausible though.

  80. Swiss Cottage Clean Air Action
    Swiss Cottage Clean Air Action
    7 napja

    Chauvin's lawyer is fishing for sardines. If he disbelieves the witnesses who saw his client murder Floyd he is nuts.White supremacists will say killing Floyd was perfectly legal. Racists of any color contaminate society with hate. Chauvin is a mere symptom of that disease.

    1. Matthew Loutner
      Matthew Loutner
      7 napja

      No one saw Floyd murdered because he wasn't murdered. Don't be ridiculous.

    2. P D
      P D
      7 napja

      The states case is falling apart, Chauvin may walk

  81. Batko10
    7 napja

    These hypocrites are upset, because the prosecutions own witnesses are derailing their case.

  82. W P
    W P
    8 napja

    Fentanyl Floyd died of meth and fentanyl some of which he swallowed as police arrived, the drug dealer knows he is guilty of 3rd degree murder. Chauvin is innocent.

  83. Broadkast
    8 napja

    Facts and evidence is the worst thing to happen to the criminally low intelligence victim complex riot & loot enthusiasts.

  84. Arbo
    8 napja

    So the officers were Innocents all along but they don't want to admit it?

  85. Carpe Noctum
    Carpe Noctum
    8 napja

    Don’t overdose on meth, fentanyl, and don’t resist arrest and your diseased heart won’t give out.

  86. Lust then Love then Divorce
    Lust then Love then Divorce
    8 napja

    Derek WILL be found innocent

    1. Peter Garcia
      Peter Garcia
      6 napja

      If he is found "guilty", there will be hell to pay coming from protesters again ~ then... Here we go again!!

  87. 2239jules
    8 napja

    Very lazy reporting! U completely missed the prosecution blowing a giant hole in the defences argument. By calling the "irrelevant witnesses", they showed that at no time, did the police ever think drugs were relevant in Floyd's death. It was only when the defence were preparing a strategy, 6 months later, that the drugs were even retrieved from the car.

  88. Patricia Fredal
    Patricia Fredal
    8 napja

    Conservatives don’t like drug talk? How about getting to the heart of whether drugs contributed to his death - like it or not is not even the question you should ask.

  89. Hunts Alone
    Hunts Alone
    8 napja

    The facts, however interesting, have no bearing in our decision in this matter . .

  90. Layne Franklin
    Layne Franklin
    8 napja

    Of course...We all know these days that facts are racist...

  91. Brian Dickie
    Brian Dickie
    8 napja

    A druggie died. Sad... Why burn the world down in his memory.

  92. Richard Sampras
    Richard Sampras
    8 napja

    how this clown keeps making taking drugs look normal

  93. Leo Pando
    Leo Pando
    8 napja

    Some people will do something.. to minneapolis!

  94. Lee Foster
    Lee Foster
    8 napja

    So only conservative jurors listen to facts and he finds facts and evidence offensive. He is only offended because it hurts the fake narrative and he probably wants this case won on emotions

  95. Counter Service Intelligence
    Counter Service Intelligence
    8 napja

    The way I case the whole damn thing Is ADMISSION/ACCESSORY TO MURDER! Meaning he was also part of the reason why George Floyd Died! ALONG WITH THOSE OTHER COPS THAT WERE TOTALLY CARELESS!

    1. Counter Service Intelligence
      Counter Service Intelligence
      7 napja


    2. Andrew Sokolowski
      Andrew Sokolowski
      7 napja

      "If he were found dead at home alone and no other apparent causes, this could be acceptable to call an OD. Deaths have been certified with levels of 3," Baker told investigators. In another new document, Baker said, "That is a fatal level of fentanyl under normal circumstances."

  96. TheCrusaderRabbits
    8 napja

    Translation: the government is losing.

  97. zurdo
    8 napja

    nobody "eats" drugs, Floyd must have said "I ain't on drugs".

    1. Matthew Loutner
      Matthew Loutner
      7 napja

      Nope. He swallowed them when the cops showed up -- very common.

  98. kissed61
    8 napja

    Only racists and conservatives ? This lawyer is a mess.

  99. D R H
    D R H
    8 napja

    Being driven by witnesses and facts. Well since the media isn't.

  100. Bobby C
    Bobby C
    8 napja

    hey CNBC, take a look at all these comments and your like/dislike ratio and take a clue! and these are *your* viewers and they pretty much all think you're being ridiculous! stupid! you're also setting the stage for mass violence at the end of the trial whatever the outcome may be! keep fanning the flames of racism and hate, most of us regular folks see each other as human beings and realize we have more in common with each other, whatever color we are, than we do with you media and government elites!