Watch CNBC's full interview with Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett

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Berkshire Hathaway's chairman and CEO Warren Buffett sat down with CNBC's Becky Quick on Monday to answer viewer questions and discuss the top news stories of the morning.
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  13. Richard Keyser
    Richard Keyser
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    What a wealth of knowledge, a national treasure. Becky looks great as always

    1. Richard Keyser
      Richard Keyser

      @Tammylin 11 can you elaborate?

    2. Tammylin 11
      Tammylin 11


  14. RJ Gaming
    RJ Gaming
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    Great interviewer! Good job coming solid at warren.

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    Awesome Life
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    Surbhi Tripathi
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    1. Shawn Michaels
      Shawn Michaels

      You mean Napoleon Dynamite. Right?

  24. Brad Shultz
    Brad Shultz
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    Buffet isn’t being candid. Run away inflation will go crazy.

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  30. Literature Survey
    Literature Survey
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    In the entire interview Warren Buffett says he doesn't know anything, all run around empty answers, he wastes two hours of my time

  31. Tommy Borsky
    Tommy Borsky
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    Guess you lost your gas ,good reason to rise prices that was all ready in the works,EU is lucky they don't need your gas otherwise they would be walking as they saying you can all ways depend on good old Russia.

  32. sensitivetony
    7 napja

    He has been bailed out by the government and why he keeps the hame going for his bosses .

  33. Heavy_804
    7 napja

    I saved my money and bought a lot of property, then I added houses and hotels. Now every time someone lands on my property they have to pay me. What game am I playing? 😂😂😂

    1. Senju Senin
      Senju Senin
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  37. The Silver Eagle
    The Silver Eagle
    9 napja

    “We buy stocks but don’t give advice “ I think I know why (they love to keep us below)

    1. J
      7 napja

      True but they could be sued if someone looses money because of that advice

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    John Sanders
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  42. John Sanders
    John Sanders
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    RP McMurphy
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  45. Fez Miester
    Fez Miester
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    why does youtube keep playing things i've already watched from months ago?? - (good show/episode but still...(??)

  46. Joy Holistic
    Joy Holistic
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    FPS 369
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    The Defector
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    The Defector
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  54. Baleed Ali
    Baleed Ali
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  55. Roy Patterson
    Roy Patterson
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  56. Michael
    15 napja

    Love how he is still a kid giggling here and there.

  57. Black Opal
    Black Opal
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  58. Baleed Ali
    Baleed Ali
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  59. Jon Ward
    Jon Ward
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    Every American should be watching these interviews this year and every year that this man is alive. Warren is called “ The Oracle of Omaha” for a reason...🇺🇸

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      Turn the wheel windward
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  60. 강주효
    15 napja

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  61. wanna benatural
    wanna benatural
    15 napja

    Is this helping anyone. Buy stocks when people are unemployed and losing everything. It's obvious that he is talking to people who have money.

  62. Alex Santos
    Alex Santos
    15 napja


  63. NAK
    15 napja

    If what you said at the end of this video happens there will be civil war utter chaos and war amongst citizens and government do you realize that they won't take control easily!??

  64. Dita Valerio
    Dita Valerio
    16 napja

    Who are the philanthropists? What are the charities ? You all believe buffet cause you are wishfully foolish ppl !

  65. Dee Gleason-Gaston
    Dee Gleason-Gaston
    16 napja

    Fake News=CCP

  66. Simba
    16 napja

    Tesla is overvalued, that's all I got from this lol

  67. Matthew Chavez
    Matthew Chavez
    16 napja

    This man is a multi-billionaire, and he doesn't actually give any real advice this entire interview. Typical

  68. Della W
    Della W
    16 napja

    Y'all created the Covid-19 power playing it!!Buffet

  69. Safe Box
    Safe Box
    16 napja

    wtf would he use a tech guy as a science advisor? I mean ur ultra wealthy. Hire a actual experienced professional... wow

  70. MrCongas3
    16 napja

    📺 👀

  71. Wael
    16 napja

    I love Warren Buffet with all my heart, I sincerely hope he lives for much longer.

  72. Sarah
    16 napja

    Watching this on May 1, 2021 I can really hear the difference between short term panic and longterm focus and confidence. It doesn’t mean there’s no risk to manage, it just means there’s no value in worrying about the risk. ♥️

    1. Sarah
      16 napja

      @J Crow :) so awesome

    2. J Crow
      J Crow
      16 napja

      Warren is a delight. It’s refreshing to hear from older generation investors. People like Warren and Peter Lynch who remind you to relax. America has been through recessions and war. It’s not the end. Nothings new really.

    3. Jianjun Liang
      Jianjun Liang
      16 napja


  73. Temp Account
    Temp Account
    17 napja

    So we aren't interested!

  74. Dilldow Schwagginz
    Dilldow Schwagginz
    17 napja

    CNBC trying to talk people out of investing and shudder everything

  75. Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith
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  76. russ burton
    russ burton
    17 napja

    in better shape than bidden

  77. Nina Montana
    Nina Montana
    17 napja

    His voice makes me want to gouge my life ears out

  78. Michael Frith
    Michael Frith
    17 napja

    Joe Biden is and has always been a smooth brain, lazy rascist. Anyone who says any different has completely ignored 40 years of Biden interviews on TV and newspapers. If you are black, Biden and all of his supporters are your worst enemy. This isn't Trump rascist with zero prove, nothing but hearsay. This is videos and directly out bidens mouth in full unedited interviews!!

  79. Pot Head Media
    Pot Head Media
    17 napja

    $RYCEY best growth "business"

  80. Man with a porpoise.
    Man with a porpoise.
    18 napja

    Why are you people watching this garbage?

    1. John Sanders
      John Sanders
      11 napja

      Why ru?

    2. Brian O
      Brian O
      17 napja

      I wanted to see how functioning he was at 89 years old and hes surprisingly in good shape physically and mentally

  81. Kool K
    Kool K
    18 napja

    People are trying to pick his brain so hard and get rich. 🤣😂🤣😂

  82. Linda Marsh
    Linda Marsh
    18 napja

    You sound like a nice man! Warren, my granddaughter had her DNA done cause she doesn’t know her Dad. Shockingly what she did find out is that she shares DNA with you. How is this possible? We are from Canada and so is her father at least he was 30 years ago. She knows his name. I met him once when he told me he couldn’t afford a kid! I said “ Who said anything about money? We just wanted you to know you are going to be a father. “ He never even came to see her. His loss! My husband and I raised her as our own so our daughter would have the education and the life she needed to have. The daughter and the mother are like sister to this day. Her mom works as an electrician who does rope and harness access work and she climbs mountains for a hobby. She is one of eight women in North America that does rope access work. I’ve seen her harnessed and bobbing around at the top of the tallest bridges in Vancouver in the winter cleaning ice of the cables so it doesn’t fall on what looks to be matchbox vehicles below. Meanwhile our shared daughter is now married and has opened her own hair salon. They are both smart, beautiful and have kind hearts. Good can come when both had a chance to grow when they need to. We are very proud of them both. But how could you be related to this child born in 1991? Must be somehow but I’m puzzled. Thanks for reading this. God bless you! Do you have relatives in western Canada? We don’t want or need anything. I’m just curious how you are related? Good health and a good year to you! God bless!

  83. greg lavier
    greg lavier
    18 napja

    This idiot is like Rockefeller who when asked how to become very rich he replied the first thing you should do is take 50 million $ and invest it in real estate.

  84. pinkyhotmessx69
    18 napja

    Bill gates talks SCIENCE? Lmfao oh Warren your such a hoot!

  85. ev3goddess y.o. Chandler
    ev3goddess y.o. Chandler
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    Geico love letters always make my stressfu😭l day turn pleasant ✨ ahahalo 😇

  86. Mar Brock
    Mar Brock
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    You will be remembered as a great man who could see both sides as business and how we can survive this Thank You Mr. Buffett

  87. Adam D
    Adam D
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    These guys have enslaved us all!